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Note:  The majority of athletes that I train are in high school and college.  However, in order to comply with eligibility rules, I do not seek testimonials from those athletes. 


“I started working with Thurman when I was young.  He helped set the foundation for what it takes to be a high-level athlete.  Training at an early age is not necessarily about bodybuilding.  Obviously, strength is important, but motor control, coordination, and good movement quality is just as crucial to develop when you’re young.

He also helped instill good habits from both a mental skills and baseball-specific speed standpoint.  Mental skills (just like physical) need to be practiced and ideally developed sooner than later.  Even though I was never the biggest kid out there, I always felt like I had the advantage because I learned how to control my emotions and just have fun.  To this day, keeping a motivated (but relaxed) mind helps me to anticipate better as an infielder, process pitches better as a hitter, and get good jumps as a base runner.

Speaking of base running, Thurman taught me how to really appreciate the details and to respect every little tenth-of-a-second that might be out there.  Just because you may be fast doesn’t mean your speed will automatically show up on the field… and when it comes to teaching the various baseball starts, home-to-1st time, and the 60 yard dash, Thurman is one of the best in the Country!"


Nicky Lopez

MLB Infielder

Chicago White Sox

Joe Corvo

"Thurman introduced me to workouts that were cutting edge for NHL hockey training.  The versatility of the workouts makes them fun and challenging.  He is extremely aware of where an athlete is physically and what needs to be done to improve potential.  His training also entails mental tests that prepare me for all in-game situations and his nutritional expertise aids in his ability to shape top athletes.  Thurman Hendrix is someone I really trust to keep helping me improve as a top player in the NHL."


Joe Corvo

Former NHL Defenseman

LA Kings, Ottawa Senators, Carolina Huricanes

Boston Bruins, & Washington Capitals

Recently Finished 8th in the world in the Crossfit Games

Tricia Liston

"I started working with Thurman just after finishing my junior high school season (right before the biggest summer that would determine my basketball future).  We started with the most basic of workouts and quickly progressed to some of the most challenging.  After a few weeks of working with Thurman, I instantly noticed a difference in my strength, conditioning and the overall physique of my body... and so could college scouts!  I remember reading a write up about me after a tournament that credited my play, but also said that "I was playing at a higher level due to my newer, slimmer, and more fit look."  His workouts were unique to me and what I needed to improve on. Thurman was the first trainer I felt as though I could trust completely and talk freely about my workouts, goals and future.  He genuinely takes an interest in my basketball and my future plans which makes working out with him comfortable and worthwhile.  He is not afraid to push his athletes and design killer workouts, but he also knows when they need a break.  As of now I have been working out with Thurman for about 6 years.  He has helped me attain my goals and has kept up with my career throughout the years.  As long as he will have me, I will absolutely continue my workouts with him... Thurman is the best trainer I've ever worked with! 


Tricia Liston


Duke University, Minnesota Lynx

Jim Paduch

"I came to Thurman years ago for a few reasons: to enhance my leg strength, leg power, and to gain weight.  I entered training at 185 pounds and wanted to get as close to 200 as possible.  Through a change in diet and working with Thurman, I was able to put on 20 pounds.  I am now at 205 pounds, with my playing weight being that 200 mark I was looking for.


It was said to me in the past that for a starting pitcher, the day I throw should physically be the easiest day of my rotation.  The work done in between outings through lifting, throwing bullpens, and running should prepare me to not be tired on that fifth day.  I knew if I got my legs stronger, game day would physically be no problem.  During the years spent with Thurman in the off-season, my strength, power, and endurance have gone up significantly. Because of that, physically my starts are now effortless.  Thanks Thurm for the work you put in with me over the years."


Jim Paduch

Former AAA Pitcher

Current Pitching Coach in the TB Rays Organization

Bobby Stevens

“When I first started training with Thurman, it was to improve my speed.  It worked because I ran a 6.5 second, 60 yard dash at a 2004 showcase.  Then as a senior in high school looking to play division I college baseball, training with Thurman was to gain size and strength.  I went from 172 to 189 pounds.  In college, the training with Thurman was to be in top shape for the season.  All the training and hard work helped me become a 16th round draft pick of the Baltimore Orioles in June 2008.  Now, in professional baseball, training with Thurman is about being the best at what I do.  Thurman has taken me from aspiring and wanting to be a good baseball player and has made me BELIEVE in myself that I can be the best.  His training is not sport specific… it is athlete specific!  He knows exactly what each athlete needs to improve and uses unique training methods and mental motivation to get the best out of his athletes.  He has gotten the best out of me and helped me to achieve a dream of playing professional baseball.  I continue to train with Thurman to be the best and hopefully achieve the ultimate goal of Major League Baseball. With Thurman, dreams can come true for all athletes.  Thanks Thurm for believing and working with me…and our work isn’t done yet!”


Bobby Stevens

Former Infielder

Atlanta Braves & Baltimore Orioles Organizations

Current President of the Windy City Baseball Club

Joe Mazzuca

“I have heard people say that speed is something that you either born with or born without.  Well, I am proof that speed can be taught and enhanced.  About ten years ago, when I was in high school, Division I college coaches and scouts would come and watch me play.  I heard the same remarks from everyone.  He is good athlete, but he is too slow.  He has the tools, but he cannot run.  Well, I was not going to let these people tell me I could not achieve my goals because I was too slow.  So, I accepted a scholarship to a Division II school.  After my freshman year in college, I decided to train with Thurman.  The first day we worked he tested me in the 60 yard dash.  The results were what everyone was telling me, 7.2 seconds, too slow for professional baseball, too slow for Division I.  After training with Thurman for a summer, I saw my 60 yard dash time drop from 7.2 to 6.9.  I was able to transfer from a Division II program to a Division I because I now had some speed.  I continued to train with Thurman after each of my next two college seasons.  We kept on seeing the same results 6.9 sec, 6.8 sec, and finally 6.7 sec, my personal best.  In June 2003, I was selected by the Florida Marlins in the 12th round of the Major League Baseball Draft. Although, I did not make the Major Leagues, my last goal, I achieved more than what anyone expected of me.  I personally believe I would not have had the opportunity to play Division I or Professional baseball if it was not for the help and guidance of Thurman Hendrix.  Thanks Thurm!”


Joe Mazzuca

Former Infielder

Florida Marlins Organization

Rick O'Dette

“Thurman's program was installed here at Saint Joseph’s College in 2005 and it's improved our team in ways that we could not have achieved without him.  My job is to coach baseball skills.  Thurman was the final ingredient of implementing flexibility and strength skills.  The System has greatly improved the strength and conditioning of our program while also working to improve flexibility and thus limiting the nagging injuries we had fought in the past.  His program is something that I would encourage for anyone who is interested in helping their team achieve ultimate success.  He is the best in the business.”


Rick O'Dette

Former Head Coach

St. Joeseph College

Current Head Coach of St. Leo College (FL)

Bill Duey

"Each year it has been my privilege to have Thurman come and speak to my Exercise Physiology class at Concordia University-Chicago.  He is an engaging speaker who truly connects with audiences and can bring complicated subject matter down to a level that is easily digestible and understandable.  After each of his visits, I am amazed at how students begin to connect more deeply with the material covered in the course and I credit Thurman's passion for his craft for sparking and igniting their desire to learn more."


William J "Bill" Duey

Professor - Department of Human Performance

Concordia University - Chicago

Bill Kurich

"In my opinion, Thurman's complete workout program is the best I have ever seen.  Since implementing the program at Webster University two years ago, we have seen significant changes in players' weights and body composition.  We have gained team speed and flexibility, as well as being extremely healthy throughout the past two seasons.  Our starting pitchers have only missed one start in the past two years.  Thurman's steal start and speed program helped us to lead the NCAA in stolen bases in 2006.  Our guys love the individual workout programs because of the immediate changes they have seen with their strength and power."


Bill Kurich

Head Coach

Webster University

Mike Jones

“Thurman Hendrix is a pioneer in the world of performance training, utilizing every tool and every technique available to get the most out of his athletes.  Thurman brings his passion for athletic excellence and his unique charisma to every endeavor and every training session.  I had the privilege of working with Thurman to develop a comprehensive ‘Performance Enhancement Massage’ program for athletes which resulted in tremendous gains for our clients.  What I find most impressive about Thurman is his ability to immediately target the specific needs of his clients, and to produce significant results.”


Michael Jones, LMT

Veteran Faculty Member

The Soma Institute for Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapist to High School, Collegiate, and Professional Athletes

Lois Klatt

"Thurman is an outstanding biomechanist who is exceptional at analyzing, modifying, and correcting sport specific skills.  He specializes in the production of force and power development from a sequential standpoint. Performance enhancement and injury prevention are ultimate outcomes.”


Dr. Lois A. Klatt

Distinguished Professional Emeritus

Concordia University-Chicago

Tom Demas

"If someone asked you to spell OPPORTUNITY, how would you spell it?  Our family spells opportunity T-H-U-R-M-A-N H-E-N-D-R-I-X and I’ll tell you why.  My wife and I are blessed to have raised five children with one of them being a very gifted student-athlete.  Currently she attends DePaul University and plays on their nationally recognized Division I Women’s Softball Team.  When our daughter expressed a desire to play softball beyond high school, we knew that she needed to improve her skills to be able to play at that high level.  Having heard about Thurman’s work with young athletes, we enrolled our daughter in his program.  Thurman’s ideas, attitude, commitment, energy and dedication to our daughter’s development greatly contributed to her success as she was offered a significant athletic and academic scholarship to DePaul University.  The early commitment and financial investment in our daughter’s development has resulted in tremendous benefits to her and to our family.  Accordingly, if you have a student athlete aspiring to play Division I sports (or to improve their overall skills) I would highly recommend Thurman’s development program for your child."


Tom Demas

Father of an NCAA Division I Women's Softball Player


"After my first year of professional baseball, I knew that I needed to have a great offseason in order to move up the ranks.  I went to Thurman looking to improve my speed, strength, and overall athleticism. Within the first week, I had improved my 20 yard sprint time by four tenths of a second just by making a couple mechanical changes.  I have been working with Thurman now for the entire offseason and am confident that I am ready to take on the challenges ahead because of the training program that he has put me through.  Not only does he get you ready physically, but mentally as well, teaching the importance of quiet confidence and keeping a motivated, but quiet mind.  Thurman has made me more prepared than ever going into spring training and his training will be a big part of every offseason I have for the rest of my career."


John Wagle

Former Minor League Baseball Player

Former Director of Performance Science/Player Development for the Kansas City Royals

Current PhD. & Associate Athletics Director, Sports Performance for the Univ. of Notre Dame

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