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Private Training/Consulting (Carol Stream)

  • Conducted in my large front yard and fully outfitted home gym in Carol Stream.  We can do nearly everything that we normally did at Gottlieb (except sprint work in the winter months).
  • Private 1-0n-1 sessions only... unless you and another specifically ask and agree to work together.
  • Every precaution will be taken!
    • The windows will be open for fresh air whenever possible.
    • All equipment will be sanitized within and between sessions.  You will be provided with a disinfectant spray bottle and personal towels in which to hold all weights if you so choose.
    • At this time, masks are required in Illinois when indoors.
    • Please bring your own water bottle.
  • Cancellation policy:
    • FOR YOU:  $25 per session if you do not cancel by 10 PM of the night prior to the scheduled session.  You may cancel by either texting/calling (630-363-6003) or emailing (
    • FOR ME:  I will credit your account by $25 if I do not cancel a scheduled session by 10 PM of the night prior to the scheduled session.
    • Stay home if even showing the smallest of symptoms!
      • There will be NO LATE CANCELLATION charges for neither you nor me if the cancellation is due to being cautious about Covid-19... if you're feeling last second symptoms or if you just found out someone you may have had contact with is sick please cancel and stay home... I will do the same!
  • 60 minute sessions
    • ​General plan (although every athlete will be different) =
      • 25 min - Movement Prep, Speed, Agility, Power
      • 35 min - Lift
  • ​$85 per athlete per session
    • Billing will be thru "Neurobody Performance, Inc"
    • Athletes asking to work together will still be $85 each per hour.
    • Sibling discount (at same session) = $105​/hr. 
    • Billed on the last day of every month based on what you did​.
    • You will receive an emailed invoice at the end of each month.
    • I'll ask that you keep a credit card on file for automatic billing.  You must let me know if your card changes... accounts delinquent by more than 15 days will incur a $25 late fee.
  • If you request a workout routine for days when you're not training in-person with Thurman (Neurobody Performance, Inc.) the cost will be $100 per routine.  If you ask that the program be re-done in the future due to progressions, regressions, training availability, etc... the cost will also be $100 each time a new program is completed.  ​
  • Please contact me at to get started!
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