Increase your chances of receiving a college scholarship or a higher draft status by improving your 60 yard dash!

At my home in Carol Stream, IL - Weather Permitting

(Exact location will be provided upon scheduling)

This is a 2 hour session consisting of the following:

  • Teaching of proper warm-up exercises for improving a 60

  • Video review of your start technique and sprinting mechanics

  • Discussion on how to “beat” a 60 yard dash, including:

    • ​Proper start technique (learn why three-tenths is possible before even taking a step)!

    • Benefits of Resistance & Assistance sprint training

    • Learn why a strong and stable core is crucial to sprinting (and how to achieve it)

    • Learn how to establish good mental habits, specifically:

      • Learn how to incorporate visualization as a practice tool

      • Learn the proper mindset in order to react quicker

    • Discover how to improve your flexibility to improve speed

  • Practice of the techniques learned above

  • Bonus:  Receive a hard copy of my 150 page "60 Yard Dash Secrets" book, which also contains a program for improving your 60 time.  The program consists of:

    • Mobility and stability exercises

    • Core stabilization drills

    • Basic resistance training exercises

    • Plyometric/explosive drills

    • Sprints (including resisted and assisted sprints)

    • Sprint conditioning drills


Former athletes:

  • Improved a college sophomore from a 7.25 to a 6.75.  Drafted after his senior season.

  • One of his clients ran a 6.5 at an invite only showcase... only one other person ran a sub 7.0.

  • Another athlete improved seven tenths in one day of work after learning better start mechanics.



  • $250... your entire family may attend the session


Note:  Athletes will not be timed performing a full 60 yard dash.  Instead you will be timed (and filmed) while doing a 20 yard dash. Most of your gains (and 97% of what we'll discuss) will be related to what happens during the first 10 yards of the run.


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Private (2 Hour) 60 Yard Dash Session