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60 Yard Dash / Baseball Speed Consultation (2 Hours)

60 Ball Graphic.png
60 Ball Graphic.png

Baseball Players (usually age 14+) - Carol Stream, IL

Topics Covered

  • Basic discussion of traditional speed training mechanics and concepts... and what does and doesn't transfer over to the baseball world.

  • Thorough talk on the 60 yard dash test itself so you'll know how to prepare for (but not cheat) each assessment.  Learn how to put the controllable variables in your favor.

    • Specifically focusing on the differences between:

      • Traditional Lasers vs Stopwatch vs Handheld Laser vs New "In-beam" Lasers.

      • Very deep dive on the different types of BASEBALL STARTS as they relate to the various timing methods... possibly gain (or lose) .3 tenths before even taking a step!​​

  • Discuss the baseball starts as they pertain to IN-GAME SPEED WHEN STEALING 2B.​

  • Basic MENTAL SKILLS discussion in order to improve reaction time and get good jumps... however, this will help you tremendously as a hitter as well!


  • Discuss possible changes coming to the 60... 3.25 Test.

  • Learn what you should be doing in the weeks before (and day of) a showcase so that your mind and body are prepared. 

However, please understand

This is a consult... NOT a sprinting and form session.

To improve a 60 and other types of baseball speed, things are FIRST info based, AND THEN training & form based.

Yes, I can eventually work with you on form, but you must first understand what to do depending on the situation...

Traditional Laser 60

Stopwatch 60

Handheld Laser 60

In-Beam Laser 60


Stealing with Big Lead

Stealing with Short Lead

etc, etc, etc.

This is why I created a 60 Yard Dash and Baseball Speed Online Video Course...

and I actually recommend it over this live consultation.

Improve 60 Yard Dash

Check out the course (and all of the upgrade options)

*** Please watch the 16 minute video at the top of the page at to learn about:

  • Why I believe the online course makes more sense than the live session when first starting out.

  • My role as to how I usually fit into a players' baseball speed journey.

  • What topics that I do (and don't) coach on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thurman Hendrix, M.A., C.S.C.S., C.S.A.C.


Training Background

  • Over 20 years of experience as a Performance Enhancement Coach and Consultant to middle school, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes of most sports

  • Also a Fitness Coach & Consultant to children; non-athletic and overweight kids; seniors; and adults

  • Master's Degree in Exercise Science

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA

  • Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC) through the NSPA

  • Nationally known 60 Yard Dash and Baseball-Specific Speed Coach

  •  Greatly incorporates Mental Skills Coaching into training sessions

  • Public speaker and consultant to numerous high schools, colleges/universities, and organizations

  • Author of numerous training articles

  • Offered a position as a strength and conditioning coach with the Chicago White Sox

  • Click here to learn more about my training philosophy, and to understand which aspects of performance enhancement that I am (and am not) qualified for

Sports Background​

  • Former professional minor league baseball player

  • Collegiate Conference MVP - Northern Illinois-Iowa Conference - 1999

  • Elected into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Concordia University Chicago - 2014

  • High School Conference MVP - Chicago Catholic League - 1995

  • On Fenwick High School's Wall of Fame as an All-State Baseball Player - 1995


Personal Background

  • Brother (Kevin) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).  He is a regional manager for AthletiCo Physical Therapy

  • Sister-in-law (Jackie) is also a DPT and also works for AthletiCo

    • In other words, Kevin and Jackie deal mainly with injured athletes, whereas I work with healthy athletes looking to get quicker, faster, stronger, etc.

  • I live in suburban Chicago with my wife, Amy, and our two daughters, Ashlyn and Ally

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