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Current Hours for Total Performance
Neurobody Performance System - Personalized Small Group Training

Semi Private Training for Athletes
- Total Performance Sessions -

Neurobody Performance System:   My unique approach to personalizing semi-private training for athletes (ages 13 and older).

Believe it or not, semi-private workouts can actually be very athlete and sport specific.  Among other things, I feel that many of my competitors offering this type of training fall short because they don't truly meet the individualized needs of their athletes AT THAT PARTICULAR TIME OF THE YEAR, or even more specifically, ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY.  Some programs simply pride themselves on the intensity of their workouts... that's occasionally fine in the off-season, but can kill your performance if you have a game the next day! Others are on the opposite end of the spectrum.  They offer mainly body weight, agility ladder, TRX, and medicine ball (boot camp type) workouts as their sole option and do not have access to a full line of traditional weight training equipment.  This MIGHT suffice during your competitive season, but won't really help you develop the body mass and significant strength in the off-season that college and pro scouts often look for.  In short, regardless of whatever an individual may have going on, most semi-private and group training programs often make their athletes conform to whatever the group is doing on that particular day.

My unique approach to training athletes (regardless if it's a private, semi-private, or a group session) is all about using the right exercises... for the right athlete... in the right amount... at the right time of the year.  I've created numerous workout protocols based on various types of sports, ability levels, specific goals, time of the competitive season (in vs off season), and training time availability.  When signing up for semi-private training with me, I'll first get to know you and your goals and then I'll piece together an appropriate workout plan moving forward.  I call this my "Neurobody Performance System" and I'm very happy to be able to share it with you in a semi-private training environment!

Neurobody Performance System - Personalized Small Group Training

What was typically only feasible for private training clients (and even then scheduling was a nightmare), the system allows me to quickly create very personalized and flexible programs that can be adjusted at a moment's time.  Scheduling is much, much easier while the cost per session is much, much lower... It's a win/win for all involved!

In terms of your program, we'll start with a general (yearly) concept.  We'll try to figure out when (and if) you have a true offseason.  If strength or a body weight change is a primary concern of yours, this is when we'll really want to attack these goals.  We'll also want to know when you are competing and specifically what weeks are very important.  This is when we'll want your body to be primed, but fully recovered to play your best.  We'll then implement your plan on a week-to-week and day-to-day basis, realizing that it must be flexible and capable of changing as your goals and schedule change.

Where Are the "Total Performance" Sessions Held?

I currently conduct these sessions at the Gottlieb Center for Fitness in Melrose Park, Illinois.  The center itself is roughly 52,000 square feet.  The semi-private "Total Performance" sessions are held in their state-of-the-art group training room, but portions of the workout may be performed in other areas of the center as well.

Gottlieb Center for Fitness

551 W. North Ave

Melrose Park, IL 60160


(The Center for Fitness is on the easternmost side of the Gottlieb Hospital campus... There is FREE PARKING in front of the center).

The "Total Performance" Workout

*All aspects of performance enhancement can be addressed and workouts are usually broken down into different segments.
Depending on the athlete, these segments may or may not include:


  • Dynamic Warm-up

    • Prime the brain and body for intense movement


  • Athlete/Sport Specific Injury Prevention Routine

    • Joint Mobility

    • Joint Stability

    • Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling)

    • Core stabilization


  • Explosive Power, *Speed, and Agility Drills

    • Jumping, Cutting, and Landing Techniques

    • Plyometrics

    • Acceleration and Deceleration (Linear & Lateral)

    • Medicine Ball Throws

    • Olympic Lifting (Basic)


  • Athlete/Sport Specific Strength Training

    • Bodyweight, Traditional, and Functional


  • Athlete/Sport Specific Energy System Conditioning


  • Regeneration

    • Cool-down (Light Cardio Flush)

    • Static Stretching

    • Soft Tissue Work (Foam Rolling and Other Tools)

    • Hot Tub/Cold Water Flush


Speed Training (specifically straight speed training) is addressed by the fact that you will increase your strength and your ability to apply force into the ground.  However, due to the sessions being held in the group training room, I cannot promise that straight speed mechanics will be addressed and that sprints will be timed.

Please consider supplementing with Semi-Private Straight Speed Sessions if that is a primary goal.

Flexible Scheduling

Obviously, I'll help provide recommendations, but basically you can come as often and whenever you want (see current open gym times below)!  The amount of athletes at any given time will depend on who wants to come when.   Max capacity per session is eight (8) athletes. Although most sessions don't reach capacity, there are certain time slots that are more popular than others.  This is especially true in the summer or when a small group of friends are wanting to work out together.

Athletes may schedule exact sessions about a week in advance, or anytime up until the start of the session.  Specifically, I start taking reservations at 8:00 am on Sundays for the following week.  As an example, if hoping to do sessions during the week of Sunday, June 8th - Saturday June 13th... you may register as early as 8:00 am on Sunday, May 31st.  To be official, registration must be in the form of either a text (630-363-6003) or an email (  These methods will allow me to track the exact time in which you registered.  Sessions are limited to eight (8) athletes and are first-come, first-serve.  I will then get back to you and either confirm or deny as soon as I possibly can.

After scheduling, you may alter your reservations if need be (assuming the session you want to change to still has openings).  Obviously, try to let me know sooner than later.  
Although not ideal, it may also be acceptable if your schedule opens up and you'd like to come to a session scheduled within the next hour!  Just contact me as soon as you can and I'll let you know if that's possible.  On the other hand, if you need to cancel, please be aware of the CANCELLATION POLICY (described below) as it pertains to Straight Speed Sessions.

Session Length:

Depending on a lot of factors, individual workout sessions will vary in length.  After signing-up for a specific 90 minute time block, you may arrive at any point and stay for as long as you wish within that block.  Some athletes arive late and stay for as little as 15 minutes, while others stay for the entire 90 minutes... just let me know what you prefer on any given day.  You can be confident that I'm going to recommend an appropriate workout for you BASED ON THAT TIME OF YEAR AND THAT SPECIFIC DAY.  The cost is the same regardless and your workout lengths will probably fluctuate through the year.  During your competitive season, you may need some shorter workouts and in the off-season you may have the time and energy to be there longer.  We definitely don't want to spend more time than we need to in the gym... I'm a big fan of getting in, being efficient, and getting out.  However, we don't want to shortcut things either and we want to make sure we put the appropriate amount of work in.  Obviously, let me know if you need to be done by a certain time due to a scheduling constraint or if you have a ride coming.


(Sessions can be up to 90 minutes... your choice)

The more times per week that you come, the more you save!

(A week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday... each week starts fresh)

Note:  "Straight" Speed Sessions are billed separately and do not count in the cost structure below.

The first session attended per week is $67

The second session attended per week is $52 ($119 total)

The third session attended per week is $35 ($154 total)

The fourth session attended per week is $14 ($168 total), and 

The fifth session (or more) attended per week is FREE ($168 total)

Sibling Discount = For families with two or more siblings attending sessions in the same week.

We will add up the sum of all sessions attended between all of the siblings.

Example:  Mike & Joe Smith both attend on Monday and only Mike attends on Wednesday = 3 total sessions for the week = $154 total

Note:  "Straight" Speed Sessions are billed separately and do not count in the cost structure below.

  • All athletes must keep a credit card on file with Gottlieb.  Even though charges are accrued on a weekly basis... your card will only be ran once per month based on the previous four to five weeks (depending on how the calendar lands).  The first Sunday of every month will be the start of a new billing cycle.

    It is your responsibility to update your card on file if it changes in the future.  All accounts delinquent by more than 15 days past the invoice date will be assessed a $25 late fee.


  • Athletes that train with me are not considered "Members" of the Gottlieb Center for Fitness and you will NOT have full member privileges.  As such, you are only allowed to enter into the facility to use the locker rooms and attend sessions with me in Gottlieb's group training room (or wherever else in the facility that I may instruct you to go) during your scheduled session.  Athletes wishing to use the center in addition to training with me may do so by inquiring about the current monthly fees at Gottlieb's front desk.  As an athlete enrolled in the "Neurobody Performance" program you and/or your parents will receive a FREE INITIATION fee if you decide to also join as a member.

Sign-up Process
(For New Athletes)

  • Contact me (ideally via email) at least a couple of days, but preferably a week or two prior to wanting to start.


  • Complete and return the following FORMS as soon as possible (ideally before starting your New Athlete Orientation).

    Forms can be returned either at your first session or beforehand via email (, or fax (866-864-8241). Note that returning the forms beforehand should speed up the sign-up process when arriving for your first session.

  • All athletes NEW to "Total Performance" sessions will be required to do (3) or (4) Private, 60 minute Orientation sessions prior to joing the groups.  Contact me directly to set up these sessions which will need to be completed around the normally scheduled Total Performance sessions.

    There are many purposes of these Orientation sessions... such as getting to know each other, establishing training goals, discussing your injury and training history, discussing other areas of performance enhancement (mental habits, nutrition, supplements, sleeping habits, stress, etc) along with learning to understand the specific details of the workouts you will perform when joing the Total Performance sessions.  Finally, for your saftey, we will also learn or review a handfull of the technical lifts.  The amount of Orientation sessions needed will depend on how we progress... it is usually (3) sessions, but sometimes you'll be offered an extra session.

Siblings may do the Orientation sessions together.


The cost of the Orientation sessions is at a rate of $85 per hour.

Sign-up Process
(For Athletes That Have Already Done Total Performance Classes In The Past)

  • Contact me (ideally via email) at least a couple of days, but preferably a week or two prior to wanting to restart.

    We'll develop some communication (either prior to starting or during your first session) to re-establish your goals, set a training schedule, and develop your program.


  • Complete and return the following FORMS.

Cancellation Policy

After committing and being confirmed into a specific day/time slot(s):


  • Cancellation/No Show Policy for You:  To allow time for me to try to fill your slot, you must cancel by 10 PM of the night prior to the session.  You may do so by sending me either an email (, voicemail, or text (630-363-6003).  If you do not leave me a message by 10 PM of the night prior to the session, you will be charged $15 (+ $5 for each additional sibling).


  • Cancellation Policy for Me:  I must cancel by 10 PM of the night prior to the session (email, voicemail, or text).  If I do not leave you a message by 10 PM of the night prior to the session your account will be credited $25 per family. 

Summer Hours Available for "Total Performance" Semi-Private Training (Subject to Change)
(Generally early June - mid August... and the two weeks over winter break)

Mondays:       9:30-11:00 AM   |  11:30-1:00 PM

Tuesdays:       9:30-11:00 AM   |  11:30-1:00 PM

Wednesdays:   7:30-9:00 AM   |  9:30-11:00 AM

Thursdays:      9:30-11:00 AM   |  11:30-1:00 PM

Fridays:          9:30-11:00 AM   |  11:30-1:00 PM

New Athlete Orientations:

(By Appointment Only)

School-Year Hours Available for "Total Performance" Semi-Private Training (Subject to Change)
(Generally mid August - early June... except the two weeks over winter break)

Sundays:        11:00-12:30 PM

Mondays:       7:30-9:00 PM

Tuesdays:       5:30-7:00 PM   |   7:30-9:00 PM

Wednesdays:  5:30-7:00 PM   |   7:30-9:00 PM

Thursdays:      5:30-7:00 PM   |   7:30-9:00 PM

New Athlete Orientations:

(By Appointment Only)

Cancellation - TP
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