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Neurobody Performance System - Personalized Small Group Training

Semi Private Training for Athletes

For Athletes Ages 13 and Older

Believe it or not, semi-private workouts can actually be very individualized and sport specific.  My unique approach to training athletes is all about using the right exercises... for the right athlete... in the right amount... at the right time of the year.


I call this my "Neurobody Performance System" and I'm very happy to be able to share it with you in a semi-private training environment!

Next Step....

  • Send me a brief e-mail at requesting to set-up a FREE INTRODUCTORY MEETING to get to know each other and to answer any questions that you may have.

This NO OBLIGATION meeting often lasts between 40-60 minutes and we'll address things such as the available program options, costs, the billing process, the cancellation policy, how to go about scheduling, and a facility tour.  We'll also discuss your sport(s), position(s), goals, previous training history, and injury history... along with a brief description of my training philosophy.

You will not be pressured into any commitments at the meeting!  After discussing among your family, if you decide that we are a fit, simply contact me again and we'll get going on training! 


I offer semi-private training in two different formats....

During any given week, athletes may choose to perform either or both of the following:

Total Performance Sessions:

These sessions are mainly performed in Gottlieb's state-of-the-art training room.  They involve flexible scheduling and personalized training programs in a semi-private environment.  The amount of athletes at any given time will depend on when you chose to attend (sessions could end up being private or comfortably have as many as eight athletes at a time).  Depending on the athlete, sessions can include all aspects involved in sports performance training (except for specific sport-skill coaching such as learning how to pitch or shoot a basketball).  "Straight" Speed is addressed in that you will train to be able to apply more force into the ground.  This is a huge component of speed.  However, due to the layout of the training room, "straight" sprints will not be analyzed or timed (see below for the "Straight" Speed sessions if you would like to include that type of training).


Straight Speed Sessions:

These 30 minute, semi-private sessions (of up to four athletes) are mainly performed on the back of Gottlieb's indoor track.  The track is long enough to be able to perform, time, and analyze up to 20 yard sprints.  Only "straight" sprint technique and training will be addressed in these sessions.  Lateral speed, quickness, and agility are all addressed in the Total Performance sessions if you would like to include that type of training.  Also, in addition to running form, a big component of speed is the ability to be able to apply large amounts of force (strength/power) into the ground.  That is also only addressed in the Total Performance Sessions.

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Gottlieb Center for Fitness

551 W. North Ave

Melrose Park, IL 60160


(The Center for Fitness is on the easternmost side of the Gottlieb Hospital campus... There is FREE PARKING in front of the center).

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