Outdoor, Small Group Training Due to Covid-19

- Ex-Gottlieb Athletes Only -

(Click here for the Private Training Option)

  • Conducted at Bulger Park (3 Min from Gottlieb)
    • ​Put 1509 W. Le Moyne St., Melrose Park into your GPS for exact area
  • 45 minute sessions​​
    • 3 athletes max per 45 minute session unless approved by all parties involved​
  • Every precaution will be taken!  Since this all began, my family and I have been very careful... only leaving the house when necessary.  For the safety of everyone, I would ask that you only attend if you have been careful as well.
    • We'll maintain social distancing at all times.
    • I will have dumbbells up to 52 pounds and some functional equipment such as tubing, etc.
    • Everyone will have the option to use personal rags and anything touched will be disinfected before and after each use.
    • Please bring a mask for the very rare exercises when/if I need to "spot" you.
  • Dates & Times will be text to you on a weekly basis.  First-come, first-serve each week after you receive the weekly text.
  • $50 per athlete per session
    • Billed on the last day of each month based on your activity.​
    • Billing will be thru my company "Neurobody Performance, Inc"
    • You will receive an emailed invoice at the end of each month.
    • I'll ask that you keep a credit card on file for automatic billing... or you can choose to have me request money from you via Zelle (but you will have to authorize this upon each monthly request).  Accounts delinquent by more than 15 days will incur a $25 late fee.
    • Cancellation policy:​
      • FOR YOU:  $25 per session if you do not cancel by 10 PM of the night prior to the scheduled session.  You may cancel by either texting/calling (630-363-6003) or emailing (thurman@thurmanhendrix.com).
      • FOR ME:  I will credit your account by $25 if I do not cancel a scheduled session by 10 PM of the night prior to the scheduled session.
      • Stay home if even showing the smallest of symptoms!
        • There will be NO LATE CANCELLATION charges for neither you nor me if the cancellation is due to being cautious about Covid-19... if you're feeling last second symptoms or if you just found out someone you may have had contact with is sick please cancel and stay home... I will do the same!
  • Please dress for the weather and bring a water bottle​.
  • I do not have an affiliation with Bulger Park (Veterans Park District)... in the event that they decide to close the park, there will be no charge on your end and no make-up on my end.
  • Contact me at thurman@thurmanhendrix.com to get started!
  • Please complete and return the following forms prior to training:
Bulger Park 2.JPG